Timber vs Aluminium

Timber Windows

One of the strongest cases made for timber windows is their aesthetic appeal. Well constructed timber windows made from quality timber can look spectacular in any home. Ecoview can supply in Vic ash or cedar.

Another argument made for timber windows centres around energy efficiency. Studies have shown that timber windows are more energy efficient than aluminium, thanks to the natural insulating properties of timber versus the thermal conductivity of aluminium.

Aluminium Windows

The strongest case in favour of aluminium windows is their lower cost in comparison to timber windows. According to manufacturers and proponents of aluminium windows, you save money with aluminium in three ways:

1. They are cheaper to buy than timber windows.

2. Aluminium windows are cheaper than timber windows.

3. Aluminium windows are virtually maintenance free, while money has to be spent on refinishing and repairing timber windows. Another case made in favour of aluminium windows is that modern designs and powder coatings make them the perfect choice for modern homes. Their sleek, minimalist frames are ideal for minimalist architecture and interior design.

You decide

When you look at them objectively, timber windows and aluminium windows each have their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Timber windows are aesthetically pleasing, but aluminium windows can be, too. Aluminium windows might be perfect for one home, while another home would look better with timber windows.
  • In general, aluminium windows are cheaper than timber windows. However, better quality, thermally insulated aluminium windows are closer in cost to timber windows.
  • Aluminium windows are maintenance free, but can corrode over time. Well-maintained timber windows can outlast most aluminium windows.

Choose the type of window that suits your home. If you choose quality timber or aluminium windows, you can’t go wrong.