Door Options

Sliding Doors

The sliding glass door is made up of two framed glass panels that slide past each other, this door can be seen on contemporary, traditional and every style in between. An advantage of these doors is that the opening can be quite wide.

Stacker doors

Another type of sliding glass door is the stacker door. This door consists of several — three or more — panels that slide past each other. The great advantage of a stacker door is the ability to get a really wide opening that can eliminate the barrier between indoors and out.

Stacker doors: 4 panel

** New 4 panel stacker now available! **

Bi-fold doors

The bi-fold door is another nice way of creating a large opening that allows the distinction between inside and outside to disappear. The advantage that the bi-fold door has over, say, the stacker door is that it allows for a bigger opening from corner to corner.

Bi-folds can be set up so that one of the panels is hinged, acting like a standard door. This way, when you want to go in or out, you don’t have to open the entire door.

Hinged doors

The aluminium hinged door is constructed from a heavy duty commercial frame and is guaranteed never to drop or move. A great application to modernise your home and just like all of our aluminium products, this option is available in a great range of colours.